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Publication description

Archaeologia Polona Vol. 49 (2011-2013)

Publication structure:
  • Archaeologia Polona
    • Archaeologia Polona Vol. 49 (2011-2013)
      • Welc, Fabian, 2013, Editorial
      • Contents
      • Łanczont, Maria, 2013, Multidisciplinary study as a source of information about the Palaeolithic oecumene in the peri- and meta-Carpathian zone of Poland and Ukraine
      • Dzięgielewski, Karol, 2013, Dry swamp? Researching a peat bog and settlement in Podłęże near Kraków as a contribution to climate reconstruction in the early Subatlantic period
      • Kołodyńska-Gawrysiak, Renata, 2013, Closed depressions in the prehistoric loess landscape and their influence on settlement location, in the light of selected examples from the Nałęczów Plateau (Lublin Upland, E Poland)
      • Hildebrandt-Radke, Iwona, 2013, Extreme flood events and climate change in the late Holocene – observations of cultural layers in archaeological sites and lake sediments of the Middle Obra (the central Wielkopolska region, Poland)
      • Kittel, Piotr, 2013, Slope and river inorganic deposits as indicators of marked human impact, in the light of research in the Ner River basin (central Poland)
      • Uścinowicz, Szymon, 2013, The rise, development and destruction of the medieval port of Puck in the light of research into palaeoclimate and sea level change
      • Rodzik, Jan, 2013, The palaeogeographical conditions of location of a Magdalenian camp at Klementowice (Nałęczów Plateau, E Poland)
      • Budek, Anna, 2013, Geoarchaeological studies of humic soil horizons and anthropogenic infillings at the multicultural archaeological excavation Site 28 in Rozbórz near Przeworsk, Southern Poland
      • Dobrzańska, Halina, 2013, Climate and man in the Kraków region (3rd century BC – 7th century AD)
      • Krajcarz, Maciej T., 2013, Geochemical evidence for postsedimentary re-deposition of animal bones at multilayered sites. The case of Biśnik Cave, southern Poland
      • Pawlikowski, Maciej, 2013, The geoarchaeology of occupied Wadis in Egypt
      • Stankowski, Wojciech, 2013, Climatic fluctuation and the archaeological record during the last 15,000 years – selected data from Central Europe and North Africa
      • Rauba-Bukowska, Anna, 2013, Environmental changes – conclusions on the basis of research on Neolithic pottery from site Modlnica 5, Kraków district
      • Sławomira, Pawełczyk, 2013, Isotopic measurements in the rings for the investigation of climate change
      • Pazdur, Anna, 2013, Holocene climate and human history in the light of radiocarbon dates
      • Kogut, Janusz P., 2013, Geotechnical data acquisition and analysis for archaeological appraisal
      • Nitychoruk, Jerzy, 2013, Medieval adaptation of Pleistocene kames in the Lake Jeziorak area (Warmia and Masuria region, north-eastern Poland)