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Publication description

Archaeologia Polona Vol. 47 (2009-2011)

Publication structure:
  • Archaeologia Polona
    • Archaeologia Polona Vol. 47 (2009-2011)
      • Lech, Jacek (1946- ), 2011, Editorial
      • Contents
      • Pydyn, Andrzej, 2011, Andrew George Sherratt (1946–2006): towards archaeology in the 21st century
      • Sherratt, Susan, 2011, Selected bibliography of Andrew George Sherratt
      • Woźny, Marzena, 2011, Włodzimierz Demetrykiewicz (1859–1937): the first prehistorian from Cracow On his 150th birthday anniversary
      • Bulyk, Natalia, 2011, Karol Hadaczek (1873–1914) and the beginnings of archaeology in universities of the North-East borderland of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
      • Kostrhun, Petr, 2011, Karel Absolon (1877–1960) and the research of significant Palaeolithic sites in Moravia
      • Jastrzębowska, Elżbieta, 2011, Paul Styger (1887–1939): archaeologist at Rome and professor at Warsaw
      • Martins, Ana Cristina, 2011, Mendes Corrêa, Manuel Heleno and Portuguese archaeology during the Estado Novo: two names, two cities, two perspectives, one nationalism
      • Lech, Jacek (1946- ), 2011, Leon Kozłowski (1892–1944): an archaeologist who lived in interesting times
      • Piotrowska, Danuta, 2011, Jerzy Antoniewicz (1919–1970) – an archaeological career in the Polish People’s Republic
      • Piotrowska, Danuta, 2011, The International Symposium: The History of Archaeology and Archaeological Thought in the 20th Century, dedicated to Grahame Clark on the 100th anniversary of his birth and 50th anniversary of the Polish edition of G. Clark’s Prehistoric Europe: the economic basis, Biskupin
      • Varndell, Gillian, 2011, In memoriam Gale de Giberne Sieveking (1925–2007)
      • Lech, Jacek (1946- ), 2011, In memoriam Hanna Lech (1949–2008)
      • Lech, Jacek (1946- ), 2011, Peter Josef (Sejuf ) Felder (1928–2009). A commemoration
      • Bakker, Jan Albert, 2011, Idea megalityczna w obrządku pogrzebowym kultury pucharów lejkowatych [The megalithic idea in the burial ritual of the TRB culture]. Jerzy Libera and Krzysztof Tunia (eds), Lublin 2006 : [recenzja]
      • Nowicki, Krzysztof, 2011, The Bronze Age begins. The ceramics revolution of Early Minoan I and the new forms of wealth that transformed prehistoric society. Philip P. Betancourt, Philadelphia 2008 : [recenzja]
      • Coles, John, 2011, Prolegomena do archeologii Biskupina. Tom I. Bibliografia archeologiczna Biskupina 1933–1983 [Prolegomenon to the archaeology of Biskupin. Volume I. An archaeological bibliography of Biskupin 1933–1983]. Danuta Piotrowska, Warszawa 2008 : [ecenzja]
      • Fabisiak, Ewa, 2011, Stan i perspektywy zachowania drewna biskupińskiego [The state and preservation perspectives of the Biskupin wood]. Leszek Babiński (ed.), Biskupin 2009 : [recenzja]
      • Werra, Dagmara, 2011, Lithics in the Scandinavian Late Bronze Age. Sociotechnical change and persistence. Anders Högberg, Oxford 2009 : [recenzja]
      • Gathercole, Peter, 2011, A “Splendid Idiosyncrasy”: prehistory at Cambridge 1915–1950. Pamela Jan Smith, Oxford 2009 : [recenzja]
      • Midgley, Magdalena S., 2011, Megalithic research in the Netherlands, 1547–1911. From “Giants’ Beds” and “Pillars of Hercules” to accurate investigations. Jan Albert Bakker, Leiden 2010 : [recenzja]