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Publication description

Archaeologia Polona Vol. 46 (2008)

Publication structure:
  • Archaeologia Polona
    • Archaeologia Polona Vol. 46 (2008)
      • Kobylińska, Urszula, 2008, Editorial
      • Contents
      • Kurnatowska, Zofia (1932-2013), 2008, Professor Witold Hensel (1917–2008). In memoriam
      • Buko, Andrzej (1947- ), 2008, Ceramology: what it is and why?
      • Nebelsick, Louis D., 2008, More than meets the eye: contributions to analytical archaeo-ceramology from German-speaking Europe between 1880 and 2000
      • Kobylińska, Urszula, 2008, Ceramological archaeometry in Poland: the outline of history and problems
      • Pawlikowski, Maciej, 2008, Mineralogical investigation of the content of archaeological pottery
      • Konopka, Katarzyna, 2008, Materials science and engineering approach in research on ancient pottery
      • Trąbska, Joanna, 2008, Some remarks on perspectives in archaeological pottery research in Poland
      • Buko, Andrzej (1947- ), 2008, Pottery fragmentation as a source of archaeological information
      • Łydżba-Kopczyńska, Barbara I., 2008, Spectroscopic techniques in provenance determination of archaeological objects
      • García-Heras, Manuel, 2008, Archaeometric study of pottery from the Early Iron Age stronghold at Starosiedle (Lubuskie Province, western Poland)
      • Drzewicz, Anna, 2008, Laboratory analysis of Early Iron Age pottery from Sochaczew-Trojanów (Poland)-a brief report
      • Palomar, Teresa, 2008, Study of pottery production patterns through archaeometric methods: the case of El Bierzo (Spain)
      • Dobrzańska, Halina, 2008, Forming techniques of the Roman Period grey vessels: the ultrasonic testing method
      • Dobrzańska, Halina, 2008, Firing conditions and properties of the Roman Period grey ceramics
      • Rzeźnik, Paweł, 2008, Weakening and structural temper. A new approach to the interpretation of results of physico-chemical tests on Medieval pottery pastes
      • Wójcik, Agata, 2008, Chemical analysis of Early Medieval pottery of the Drohiczyn type
      • Bis, Magdalena, 2008, White pottery from Solec on the Vistula River in the light of laboratory research
      • Villegas, Maria Angeles, 2008, Historical glasses: approaches, degradation and preservation
      • Greiner-Wronowa, Elżbieta, 2008, Lighting influence on heat parameter changes in museum cabinets
      • Nebelsick, Louis Daniel, 2008, Spuren und Botschaften: Interpretationen materieller Kultur. Edited by Ulrich Veit, Tobias L. Kienlin, Christoph Kümmel and Sascha Schmid, Tübinger Archäologische Taschenbücher, vol 4, Münster-New York – München – Berlin 2003 : [recenzja]