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Publication description

Archaeologia Polona Vol. 44 (2006)

Publication structure:
  • Archaeologia Polona
    • Archaeologia Polona Vol. 44 (2006)
      • Cyngot, Dorota, 2006, Editorial
      • Contents
      • Tabaczyński, Stanisław (1930- ), 2006, Archaeology anthropology history. Unconscious foundations and conscious expressions of social life
      • Minta-Tworzowska, Danuta (1953- ), 2006, Interdisciplinary research and archaeology
      • Zeidler-Janiszewska, Anna, 2006, The anthropology of image and knowledge of the image (Bildwissenschaft) as a transdisciplinary project. Archaeology in the transdisciplinary network
      • Mamzer, Henryk, 2006, From a metaarchaeological point of view
      • Burdukiewicz, Jan Michał, 2006, Epistemological status of archaeology - current controversies
      • Zycha, Renata, 2006, A few remarks about different research perspectives in archaeology
      • Chmurzyński, Jerzy Andrzej, 2006, Life in time and time in life. From biological time to time in culture
      • Wierciński, Mateusz, 2006, Some thoughts on the role of the perception of time in culture
      • Gardin, Jean-Claude, 2006, Differing science and literature
      • Boulestin, Bruno, 2006, Ethnology and archaeology of death: from the illusion of references to the use of a terminology
      • Domańska, Ewa, 2006, The return to things
      • Urbańczyk, Przemysław, 2006, Where does the "return to things" lead us?
      • Banaszkiewicz, Jacek, 2006, History and archaeology - together or separate? Some remarks by a Medieval historian on the uses and misuses of history by archaeologists
      • Zalewska, Anna, 2006, Knowledge as a socially active substance. Our interpretations versus Others "self-interpretations"
      • Demski, Dagnosław, 2006, Questions of inequality and collective experience. Hinduism from several inner perspectives
      • Pawleta, Michał, 2006, Where do we stand? Exploring the contours of gendered archaeology
      • Baranowska, Małgorzata, 2006, Archaeology as the pre-text for poetry. The loneliness of ancient deities or on the other side of a showcase
      • Marciniak, Arkadiusz, 2006, Theorizing archaeological practice. An outline
      • Pelisiak, Andrzej, 2006, Archaeology and palynology - archaeological perspective. The casus of Lake Gościąż
      • Wierciński, Mateusz, 2006, Archaeology, ethnography and the Bible: the skull quest and magic in Pre-pottery Neolithic of the Near East as stimulus to a sedentary way of life
      • Piontek, Janusz, 2006, Origin of the Slavs as a pretext for discussion
      • Dąbrowski, Robert, 2006, Origin of the Slavs: an anthropological perspective
      • Sołtysiak, Arkadiusz, 2006, The plague pandemic c and Slavic expansion in the 6th-8th centuries
      • Güll, Paolo, 2006, The industry of everyday life: men, economy and society in the material culture of an European capital (13th-16th centuries)
      • Zalewska, Anna, 2006, The ambiguous concept of "source"
      • Barford, Paul, 2006, Report from the Czersk Meeting, 2006