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Publication description

Archaeologia Polona Vol. 51-52 (2013-2014)

Publication structure:
  • Archaeologia Polona
    • Archaeologia Polona Vol. 51-52 (2013-2014)
      • Romanowicz, Paulina, 2016, Editorial
      • Contents
      • Berseneva, Natalia, 2016, Children in the Bronze Age societies of the Southern Trans-Urals (Sintashta, Petrovka and Alakul’ cultures)
      • Chmiel-Chrzanowska, Marta, 2016, Who are you child? Children from the Wielbark culture site in Cecele
      • Natuniewicz-Sekuła, Magdalena, 2016, Selected children’s burials from the Wielbark culture cemetery at Weklice, Site 7, Elbląg commune, warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship
      • Kowalska, Anna Bogumiła, 2016, See the invisible. An archaeologist's notes about the child and childhood in the Middle Ages
      • Kurasiński, Tomasz, 2016, A child with a bucket. A study of grave goods in children’s graves in the Polish lands in the Early Middle Ages
      • Gomułka, Izabela, 2016, The child and childhood in the culture of the Middle Ages, in the light of selected archaeological sources
      • Romanowicz, Paulina, 2016, Christianisation of children’s death in Western Pomerania
      • Blaževičius, Povilas, 2016, Children in 14th–16th-century Vilnius – demographics and lifestyle on the basis of urban and burial site data synthesis
      • Grupa, Małgorzata, 2016, Children burials within the space of a church and a cemetery in the 16th–19th century in Kuyavia and the Vistula Pomerania
      • Grupa, Dawid, 2016, Grave gowns from children burials from 16th–18th centuries
      • Dudziński, Tomasz, 2016, The children of Stanisław Antoni Szczuka buried in the crypt of the Holy Virgin Mary’s Church in Szczuczyn
      • Majorek, Magdalena, 2016, Child life perceived through material objects: modern-time children’s coffins from archaeological excavations
      • Nowak, Marcin, 2016, Grave wreaths in archaeological research
      • Więckowski, Wiesław, 2016, Growing up in ancient Peru – stages of childhood according to burial assemblages and iconography of the Moche culture
      • Kowalewska-Marszałek, Hanna, 2016, Kutná Hora – Denemark. Hradiště řivnáčské kultury (ca 3000-2800 př. Kr.). Kutná Hora – Denemark. Ein Burgwall der Řivnáč-Kultur (ca. 3000-2800 v. Chr.), Milan Zápotocký, Marie Zápotocká, Praha 2008 : [recenzja]
      • Werra, Dagmara H., 2016, Pravěké hornictví v Krumlovském lese. Vznik a vývoj industriálně-sakrální krajiny na jižní Moravě – Prehistoric mining in the ‘Krumlovský les’ (Southern Moravia). Originand development of an industrial-sacred landscape, Martin Oliva, Brno 2010 : [recenzja]
      • Neumayer, Heino, 2016, Wilfried Menghin, Director, archaeologist, professor (1942–2013)