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Publication description

Archaeologia Polona Vol. 56 (2018)

Publication structure:
  • Archaeologia Polona
    • Archaeologia Polona Vol. 56 (2018)
      • Contents
      • Werra, Dagmara H., 2018, Editorial
      • Bobak, Dariusz, 2018, Variability of the Lithic Raw Material in the Upper and Late Palaeolithic sites in Southeastern Poland
      • Rey-Solé, Mar, 2018, Preliminary Archaeopetrological Study of the Lithic Industry From the l’Hort de la Boquera Rock Shelter (Margalef de Montsant, Tarragona, Spain): Applying Mineralogical and Geochemical Techniques
      • Přichystal, Antonín, 2018, Artefacts Made from Siliceous Rocks of Polish Origin on Prehistoric Sites in the Czech Republic
      • Burgert, Pavel, 2018, The Status and the Role of ‘Chocolate’ Silicite in the Bohemian Neolithic
      • Płaza, Dominik Kacper, 2018, Three Stories About the Exploitation of “Chocolate” Flint During the Stone Age in Central Poland
      • Kabaciński, Jacek, 2018, Contribution to Understanding the Distribution of ‘Chocolate’ Flint on the Polish Lowlands in the Early Neolithic: Kruszyn, Site 13
      • Parish, Ryan M., 2018, Characterizing “Chocolate” Flint Using Reflectance Spectroscopy
      • Osipowicz, Grzegorz, 2018, Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Treatment and Use of Non-flint Stone Raw Materials: Material Collection From Site 17 at Nowogród, Golub-Dobrzyń District, Poland
      • Szilágyi, Kata, 2018, Lithic Raw Material Procurement in the Late Neolithic Southern-Transdanubian Region: A Case Study From the Site of Alsónyék-Bátaszék
      • Lepionka, Hubert, 2018, Neolithic Flint Axes Made from Cretaceous flint of the Bug and Neman Interfluve in the Collection of the Museum of Podlasie in Bialystok
      • Faragó, Norbert, 2018, New Perspectives on the Problems of the Exploitation Area and the Prehistoric Use of the Buda Hornstone in Hungary
      • Pelisiak, Andrzej, 2018, Examining Raw Material of Stone Tools. Siliceous Marl from the Eastern Part of the Polish Carpathians Re-interpreted
      • Różańska-Tuta, Zuzanna, 2018, Jana Esther Fries, Doris Gutsmiedl-Schümann, Jo Zalea Matias and Ulrike Rambuscheck (eds.), Images of the Past. Gender and its Representations. Waxmann 2017: Münster, New York, pp. 220, 65 colour illustrations, Frauen–Forschung–Archäologie Band 12
      • Pyzel, Joanna, 2018, Eva Lenneis (ed.), Erste Bauerndörfer - Älteste Kultbauten. Die frühe und mittlere Jungsteinzeit in Niederösterreich, Wien 2018: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, pp. 479, numerous figures in text. Archäologie Niederösterreichs 1
      • Kerneder-Gubała, Katarzyna, 2018, Antonín Přichystal, Lithic raw materials in Prehistoric Times of Eastern Central Europe, Brno 2013: Masaryk University, pp. 351, 147 illustrations in the text