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Knights in the Middle Dutch Epos ‘Karel Ende Elegast’


Acta Poloniae Historica T. 120 (2019), Studies


Dowlaszewicz, Małgorzata


Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Instytut Historii PAN

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p. 27-43

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Karel ende Elegast ; Charlemagne (King of the Franków and Holy Roman Emperor ; 742-814) - in literature ; Charlemagne, Emperor, 742-814 - romances - history and criticism ; epic poetry, Dutch - history and criticism ; knights and knighthood - poetry - history and criticism ; outlaws - in literature ; outlaws - Middle Ages ; chivalry ; outlaw ; knights


Karel (Charlemagne), Elegast, and Eggeric are the three main protagonists of the medieval Dutch epos Karel ende Elegast. Each of them is a knight, but represents different characteristics. The Monarch, the Outlaw, and the Traitor share some chivalric values but present contrasts in their behaviour. This article examines these three characters and their relationships to chivalry. It focuses on the image of chivalry in the epos, and not on the historical aspects of knighthood. As it is one of the first publications in Poland on Middle Dutch texts, it also outlines the chivalric literature in the medieval Low Countries.


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Acta Poloniae Historica



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