[An iconographic document] [Teaching staff]
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This publication is protected and can be accessed only from certain IPs.

Title: [An iconographic document] [Teaching staff]

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The photo depicts five people posing for the photo in front of an entrance to a brick-built building on which there is a bilingual sign saying “Öffentliche Polnische Volksschule (illegible) = Public Elementary School (illegible)” A priest wearing a cassock is standing in the middle. He is accompanied by three men and a woman. At the back of the photo there is an inscription: “The teaching staff in Irządze” ; Irządze, Zawiercie district, Śląskie voivodeship ; The photo sent to the contest named “Photography of the Polish village pre-1948” organized in 1983 by the quarterly “Fotografia” (Photography) and the weekly “Nowa Wieś” (New village). Copy of the photo kept at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (former Institute for the History of Material Culture)

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IAiE PAN, nr inw. 160-36


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