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[Pupils with a teacher] [An iconographic document]

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The photo depicts a group of school children accompanied by a teacher. They are all festively dressed. In the background there is a brick building (a part of it). Under the miniature of the photo there is the inscription saying: "Students of the underground school with their teacher in 1945 after the liberation". According to the photo's owner, it was taken in the spring of 1945 by the student of the underground education group - Zenon (...) (a forestry trainee, member of the Home Army) and depicts male and female students in front of a manor building, in which after the war the owner of the photo organized a 6-grade elementary school. All of these students completed either general or vocational high school education, some of them also attended higher education institutions. The people in the photo are: Andrzej (...) - MA, engineer, studied forestry at the U.P. [Poznań University?] (member of the Home Army, deceased); Stefan (...) - MA, engineer, studied forestry at the U.P., son of a smallholder (deceased); Stefan (...) - MA, engineer, son of a smallholder, studied forestry at the U.P., worked in Częstochowa; Marian (...) - MA in Polish literature, graduated from the university in Łódź, was an editor in P.R.[Polish Radio?] in Łódź. The above-mentioned completed their first year of high school at an underground education course and then attended the second grade of H. Sienkiewicz high school in Częstochowa and came with the photo owner to Poznań where he was a research assistant at the Poznań University. These were the first local residents in the history of the Olsztyn commune to have been awarded degrees in higher education. Stanisław (...) - son of a minor farmer, became a priest. Krystyna (...) (daughter of a teacher murdered by Gestapo, member of the Home Army) and Anna (...) graduated from the 3-year-long Higher School of Economics in Częstochowa. The fate of the remaining people is unknown ; Springer 1945, Turów, com. Olsztyn, voiv. śląskie ; The photo sent to the contest named “Photography of the Polish village pre-1948” organized in 1983 by the quarterly “Fotografia” (Photography) and the weekly “Nowa Wieś” (New village). Copy of the photo kept at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (former Institute for the History of Material Culture)

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ethnography ; material culture ; social culture ; youth ; pupil ; teacher ; school ; education ; conspiracy ; underground education ; clothing ; Turów, Olsztyn commune (Poland)

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