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Title: The anthropology of image and knowledge of the image (Bildwissenschaft) as a transdisciplinary project. Archaeology in the transdisciplinary network


Zeidler-Janiszewska, Anna

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Archaeologia Polona Vol. 44 (2006)


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences

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ill. ; 24 cm


Philosophers of science are persuading in favour of the principle of transdisciplinarity superseding the interdisciplinary approach that has been dominant in science until now. This new principle has been proven to be more effective in finding solutions to the research questions we face in the modern world. The humanities are also present in transdisciplinary research networks. Even so, transdisciplinary projects combining cognitive and educational needs have been set up also in the humanities themselves. The German counterpart of Visual Studies, Bildwissenschaft, is just such a project rooted in the anthropology of image. The aim of this essay is to point out the potential of this project to archaeologists (those of the profession who have already devoted attention for a long time to the issues of early forms), and to focus on the mutual benefits that the association of scholars of the oldest forms of visual imagery and researchers into the most modern of forms (created in entirely different visual media) can bring


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Archaeologia Polona



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