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Productivity investigation of two types of meadows in the Vistula valley. 9, Production and consumption of field layer spiders


Production and consumption of field layer spiders ; Badania produktywności dwóch typów łąk w dolinie Wisły. 9, Porównanie produkcji i konsumpcji pająków piętra roślinności


Kajak, Anna


Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ecology


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Pages 197-211 : illustrations ; 24 cm ; Bibliographical references (pages 209-210) ; Abstract in Polish

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meadows ; soils ; research ; Poland ; primary productivity ; spiders ; Araneae


In this paper the production and consumption by spiders of the field layer was compared with that of two groups of dominant insects the leafhoppers and adult Diptera. The dynamic of production of six dominant spider species and consumption of three populations of web spiders was analyzed. The probable total production and consumption of all spiders occurring in this stratum has been calculated on the basis of these data. On natural meadow the consumption of spiders was greater than the production of the two mentioned groups of insects, while on cultivated meadows it was very small when compared with the insect production. Elimination coefficients for insects appeared to be several times lower in cultivated than in natural meadows which seems to be connected with a very low density of spiders in that habitat.


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