Title: Archaeology and remote sensing technologies: (un)happy couple with prospects?


Rączkowski, Włodzimierz

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Archaeologia Polona Vol. 53 (2015)


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences

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ill. ; 24 cm


Banaszek, Ł. 2014. Lotniczy skaning laserowy w polskiej archeologii. Czy w pełni wykorzystywany jest potencjał prospekcyjny metody?, Folia Praehistorica Posnaniensia 19, 207–251 ; Barthes, R. 1995a. Elements of Semiology, New York ; Barthes, R. 1995b. Image-Music-Text, New York ; Brophy, K. and Cowley, D. (eds) 2005. From the Air. Understanding Aerial Archaeology, Stroud ; Sui, D. and Goodchild, M. 2003. A tetradic analysis of GIS and society using McLuhan’s law of the media, The Canadian Geographer 47 (1), 5–17 ; Heidegger, M. 1977. The Question Concerning Technology, and Other Essays, New York ; Huggett, J. 2012. What lies beneath: Lifting the lid on archaeological computing. In A. Crysanthi, P. Murietta Flores and C. Papadopoulos (eds), Thinking beyond the Tool: Archaeological computing and the interpretive process, Oxford, 204–214 ; Huggett, J. 2015. A Manifesto for an Introspective Digital Archaeology, Open Archaeology 1, 86–95 ; Lem, S. 1996. Szarańcza informacyjna. Sex Wars, czyli świat i Polska, Warszawa ; McLuhan, M. and McLuhan, E. 1988. Laws of Media: The New Science, Toronto ; Michalik, T. 2014. Between eye and the mind. Technology, cognition and knowledge development – eye-tracking study report, AARGnews 48, 24–34 ; Opitz, R. and Cowley, D. (eds) 2013. Interpreting Archaeological Topography: 3D Data, Visualisation and Observation, Oxford ; Rączkowski, W. 2002. Beyond Technology: do we need ‘meta-aerial archaeology’? In R.H. Bewley and W. Rączkowski (eds), Aerial Archaeology. Developing Future Practice, Amsterdam, 311–327 ; Rączkowski, W. 2011. Theory, empiricism and practice: archaeological discourses in a network of dependency and opposition, Analecta Archaeologica Ressoviensia 4 (2009), 7–34 ; Szpunar, M. 2013. Wyszukiwarka Google jako wspołczesny gatekeeper, Studia Humanistyczne AGH 12 (2), 111–17 ; Warzeszak, S. 2002. Martina Heideggera filozofia i etyka techniki, Warszawskie Studia Teologiczne 15, 229


Archaeologia Polona



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