Title: Measurement of the dielectric permittivity through multi-frequency EMI for archaeological prospection


Archaeologia Polona Vol. 53 (2015)


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences

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Benech, C., Rejiba F., Tabbagh, A., Lombard, P. 2014. Evidencing the part of dielectric permittivity in the in-phase EM response: an example in Bahrain, Presented at the NSGG meetings, London, 95–97 ; Bonsall, J., Fry, R., Gaffney, C., Armit, I., Beck, A., Gaffney, V. 2013. Assessment of the CMD Mini- Explorer, a New Low-frequency Multi-coil Electromagnetic Device, for Archaeological Investigations, Archaeological Prospection 20, 219–231 ; De Smedt, P., Van Meirvenne, M., Saey, T., Baldwin, E., Gaffney, C., Gaffney, V. 2014. Unveiling the prehistoric landscape at Stonehenge through multi-receiver EMI, Journal of Archaeological Science 50, 16-23 ; Huang, H., Fraser, D., 2001. Mapping of the resistivity, susceptibility, and permittivity of the earth using a helicopter-borne electromagnetic system, Geophysics 66, 148- 157 ; Kessouri, P. 2012. Mesure simultanee aux fréquences moyennes et cartographie de la permiottivité diélectrique et de la conductivité electrique du sol, Paris ; McNeill, J.D. 1980. Applications of transient electromagnetic techniques, Technical Note TN-7, Mississauga ; Mullins, C.E., Tite, M.S. 1973. Magnetic viscosity, quadrature susceptibility, and frequency dependence of susceptibility in single-domain assemblies of magnetite and maghemite, Journal of Geophysical Research 78, 804–809 ; Parchas, C., Tabbagh, A. 1978. Simultaneaous measurements of electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility in electromagnetic prospecting, Archeo- Physika 10, 682–691 ; Simon, F.-X., Tabbagh, A., Thiesson, J., Donati, C.J., Sarris, A. 2014. Complex Susceptibility Measurement Using Multi-frequency Slingram EMI Instrument, Presented at the Near Surface Geoscience 2014 - 20th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, EAGE, Athens ; Thiesson, J., Tabbagh, A., Flageul, S. 2007. TDEM magnetic viscosity prospecting using a Slingram coil configuration, Near Surface Geophysics 5, 363–374


Archaeologia Polona



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