Title: Integrated prospection methods for documenting threatened prehistoric archaeological sites from north-eastern Romania


Archaeologia Polona Vol. 53 (2015)


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences

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Asăndulesei, A. 2014a. Prospecțiuni arheologice non-intruzive în situl de la Costești–Cier. In D. Boghian, S.-C. Enea, S. Ignătescu, I. Bejenaru and S.-M. Stanc (eds), Comunități cucuteniene din zona Târgu Fumos. Cercetări interdisciplinare în siturile Costești și Giurgești, Iași, 90–101 ; Asăndulesei, A. 2014b. Oblique Air Photography for Chalcolithic Sites from Eastern Romania. Analysis and Interpretation. Some Examples, Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica 20, 69–89 ; Asăndulesei, A., Istina, L.-E., Cotiugă, V., Tencariu, F.-A., Caliniucm Ș., Balaur, Ş.-R., Creţu, A.-P., Nicu, I.-C. and Venedict, B. 2012. Caesium magnetometer survey in the Cucuteni settlement of Fulgeriș–La Trei Cireși, Bacău County, Romania, Romanian Reports in Physics 64 (3), 878–890 ; Asăndulesei, A., Tencariu, F.-A., Enea, S.-C. and Boghian, D. 2013. Topographic surveys and geophysical investigations in prehistoric settlement from Tăcuta, Dealul Miclea. An integrated GIS based approach. In B.-P. Niculică and D. Boghian (eds), Semper fidelis: in honorem magistri Mircea Ignat, Brăila, 65–78 ; Boghian D., Constantin, E.S., Părpăuță, T., Tencariu, F.-A., Vornicu, D.-M., Asăndulesei, A., Gania, S., Vornicu, A., Furnică, R.-G. and Munteanu, B. 2013. Costești, com. Costești, jud. Iași. Punct: Cier/Lângă Școală, Cronica cercetărilor arheologice din Romania, Campania 2012, Iași, 199–200 ; Brigand, R., Asăndulesei, A., Weller, O. and Cotiugă, V. 2012. Notes préliminaires sur le peuplement chalcolithique des bassins hydrographiques du Bahluieț et du Trestiana–Valea Oii (Iași), Dacia 56, 5–32 ; Brigand, R., Asăndulesei, A., Weller, O. and Cotiugă, V. 2014a. Chalcolithic territorial patterns in central Moldavia (Iași County, Romania). In G. Earl, T. Sly, A. Chrysanthi, P. Murrieta-Flores, C. Papadopoulos, I. Romanowska, and D. Wheatley (eds), Archaeology in the Digital Era. Papers from the 40th Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), Southampton, 26–29 March 2012, Amsterdam, 624–635 ; Brigand, R., Asăndulesei, A. and Nicu, I.-C. 2014b. Autour de la station éponyme de Cucuteni: paysage et peuplement (Valea Oii, Iași, Roumanie), Tyragetia 8 (23), 89–106 ; Caliniuc, S. and Nicu, I.-C. 2015. Destruction of archaeological heritage sites by natural risk phenomena. Case studies from north-eastern Romania. In S. Musteață and S. Caliniuc (eds), Current Trends in Archaeological Heritage Preservation: National and International Perspectives. Proceedings of theinternational conference, Iași, Romania, November 6–10, 2013, Oxford, in press ; Romanescu, G., Cotiugă, V., Asăndulesei, A. and Stoleriu, C. 2012. Use of the 3-D scanner in mapping and monitoring the dynamic degradation of soils. Case study of the Cucuteni–Băiceni Gully on the Moldavian Plateau (Romania), Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 16 (3), 953–966 ; Romanescu, G. and Nicu, I.-C. 2014. Risk maps for gully erosion processes affecting archaeological sites in Moldavia, Romania, Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 58 (4), 509–523


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