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The New Archaeology. From remote sensing to archaeological digging in quasi-real time. The case of Monte Prama (Cabras, Sardinia, Italy)


Archaeologia Polona Vol. 53 (2015)


Ranieri, Gaetano ; Trogu, Antonio ; Piroddi, Luca ; Calcina, Sergio ; Loddo, Francesco ; Piga, Carlo ; Zucca, Raimondo ; Usai, Alessandro ; Bernardini, Paolo ; Spanu, Piergiorgio ; Usai, Emina ; Panico, Barbara ; Scarpa, Adriana ; Tocco, Luciana ; Caputo, Francesca ; Nocco, Carlo ; Atzori, Stefania


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences

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ill. ; 24 cm

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Multichannel GPR ; ARP ; 3D-ERT ; Sardinia ; Monte Prama ; Western Mediterranean ; Nuragic Culture


Bedini, A., Tronchetti, C., Ugas, G. and Zucca, R. 2012. Giganti di Pietra - L’Heroon che cambia la storia della Sardegna e del Mediterraneo, Cagliari ; Ciminale, M. and Gallo, D. 2008. High-resolution magnetic survey in a quasi-urban environment, Near Surface Geophysics 6, 97-103 ; Lilliu, G. 1997. La grande statuaria nella Sardegna nuragica. Atti Accademia dei Lincei, Memorie Scienze Morali Storiche Filologiche 9, 281-385 ; Piga, C., Piroddi, L., Pompianu, E., Ranieri, G., Stocco, S. and Trogu, A. 2014. Integrated geophysical and aerial sensing methods for archaeology: a case history in the Punic site of Villamar, (Sardinia – Italy), Remote Sensing 6, 10986-11012 ; Ranieri, G., Schirru, D., Trogu, A. and Saba, A. 2013. Towards an integration of laser scanner survey and geophysical prospection: an example from the Nuragic Site of Mont ‘e Nuxi – Esterzili (Sardinia, Italy). In W.Neubauer, I. Trinks, R. B. Salisbury, C. Einwögerer (eds), Archaeological Prospection. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection, Vienna May 29-June 2 2013, 2013, Vienna, 65-67 ; Ranieri, G., Sharpe, L., Trogu, A. and Piga, C. 2007. Time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography to delineate mud structures in archaeological prospections, Near Surface Geophysics 5, 375-382 ; Trogu, A., Ranieri, G., Calcina, S. and Piroddi, L. 2014. The Ancient Roman Aqueduct of Karales (Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy): Applicability of Geophysics Methods to Finding the Underground Remains, Archaeological Prospection 21 (3), 157-168


Archaeologia Polona



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